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Apple Domain Owner Responds to UDRP Loss

12-Jan-2010 08:20pm by UDRPtalk

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  • UDRPtalk (UDRPtalk) 03:59 pm 14-Jan-2010
    I believe that if you are conducting yourself as a value added partner by promoting and marketing the trademark owner’s products under a variation of the trademarked domain, then it should be considered legitimate and fair use.

    Unfortunately, trademark owners take advantage of naive people like Daniel Bijan to use the system to “legally steal” domain property which is being fairly used.

    In the end, it’s about presentation. If he had responded, perhaps a panelist would have realized that he is a valid affiliate of eBay which in turn is an affiliate of Apple, and perhaps he would have won.
  • Graham 08:48 pm 07-Feb-2010
    UDRP and Apple are retarded. they don't realise that the name Apple is impossible to trademark because it is the name of a fruit! the logo and sub-brands are trademarkable because they were created by the company, but the name "Apple" wasn't.

    UDRP need to get a clue!

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