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Certification Trendz, Ltd. TIEN VU NGOC / UDRP TRANSFERRED


  • Jim Burns 03:36 am 12-Oct-2017
    I disagree strongly with this. has been quite useful as study material for several classes. I have never seen anything other than information people have input from exams. Perhaps their name is what started this, but I suspect it is anger because of lost profits. Not everyone can afford to pay a cheat company for test material; many people just need to study questions that are actually from other peoples' experience, problematic. This, for me, has often been helpful because questions appear that are not covered in the reading material, or are so ambiguous that it is deceitful. has been helpful.
  • Ahmed 12:06 pm 20-Nov-2017 has been very informative in terms of discussing the solution of the exam questions, the collaboration and discussions between members have been very helpful to remove ambiguity of a lot of questions, also providing technet or other links that support the solution was always helpful. Please return to life
  • Benito Figuereo 02:37 pm 02-Jan-2018
    This is part of an intentional plan to remove what they mistakenly see as a competition. Is not.
  • Wings 06:36 am 20-Feb-2018
    aiotestking rulezz. They are just a platform to engage with other students.
  • charlie 07:04 pm 27-Feb-2018
    why? I had been grateful to AIOTESTKING and learn a lot.Can it go back as usual so I can open easily and learn it.Thanks.
  • Lee 07:14 pm 12-Mar-2018
    this is terrible, aiotestking is not testking... tesking should concentrate selling the product instead of find trouble here. waste of time
  • ya 02:12 am 29-Mar-2018
  • Jack Fields 03:42 am 14-Sep-2018
    aiotestking is a great resource to discuss general exam type questions, nothing is downloaded there. I have personally put my input on questions on why i think they are right or wrong and I have used other's advice as well.

    Certification Trendz, Ltd is a sham and this sets a bad precedent.

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