Case No Domain(s) Complainant Respondent Ruleset Status
United Parcel Service of America Inc. Gary Selesko, M&B Relocation and Referral, LLC - TRANSFER


  • iSee 04:14 pm 10-Sep-2013
    It will be interesting to see whether the Useless Parcel Service starts wondering if its attorney is just pursuing vexatious cases to increase his/her fees. All reverse hijacker attorneys should be reported to the bar as they know the rules for these actions and for a panel to label them as reverse domain hijacker means they have been complict professionally - as they should have professionally withdrawn from the case knowing the facts of their client.
  • Piter 04:34 am 11-Sep-2013
    Well, UPS wants to be added to famous Domain Name Hijackers list on, along with Procter & Gamble and Jaguar, - cool!

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