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  • Sighmon 03:22 pm 10-Nov-2017
    9000 to 1 that Simon loses this.
  • Robert 05:09 pm 13-Nov-2017
    Let's see if this scammer wins or not.
  • FrontDeskSTALKVICTIM 06:01 pm 30-Nov-2017
    Is this untruthful slander from internet trolls moderated?
  • James 06:04 am 05-Dec-2017
  • Harry 08:08 am 05-Dec-2017
    Scammers usually use these procedures as mere threats, not as means to actually win. That is why I believe this scammer has very little chances of winning.
  • Peter Tor 04:42 pm 07-Dec-2017
    I'm pretty sure he wants this taken down because he mistakenly believes the devestigator site contains references to arrests made in the past for this person having and consuming crystal meth (Ice) in Melbourne.

    That is not the case. Without being able to verify the truthfulness of this matter, devestigator does not mention this person's history regarding abuse of crystal meth.
  • Jake Williams 07:09 am 31-Dec-2017
    Has this scammer lost the case yet?

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