Case No Domain(s) Complainant Respondent Ruleset Status
Justin Alexander, Inc. Alexander Lending UDRP TRANSFERRED


  • timfcsm 03:40 am 20-Jun-2013
    this is absurd...member of the Commission should be fired from his post
  • Alex 03:57 am 20-Jun-2013
    are you kidding? Idiots
  • Vorber 04:41 am 20-Jun-2013
    The most stupid decision in domain contests I've ever seen.
  • Sergey 05:30 am 20-Jun-2013
    Here we must consider the adequacy of the post the person who made ​​the decision and it was not a bribe. Because that adequate person to take such a decision could not.
  • Moden 07:58 am 20-Jun-2013
    R. Glen Ayers you are crazy?
  • Toast 01:36 pm 20-Jun-2013
    wow, this is awesome "over 40,000 people “like” Complainant’s Facebook page". So this is why he have more rights on this domain name.
  • Eugene 01:49 pm 20-Jun-2013
    I think this is the fair decision. If one has registered a domain and hadn't created anything on that domain for many years, he shouldn't be able to extort money from those who create!

    And I think it would be fair if he even won't be able to renew the domain again and again!
  • Eric 02:07 pm 20-Jun-2013
    Since when stealing domains is legal?
  • ww0rm 03:38 pm 20-Jun-2013
    Yes, I live in Ukraine. Yes, I see many stupid decisions. But it`s.. It`s a awardee winner of the "Dumbest decisions of the XXI cent."
  • Andy 04:49 pm 20-Jun-2013
    Dishonest decision.
  • kampaster 09:14 pm 20-Jun-2013
    The silliest decision. To dismiss the member of the commission!

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