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  • matt brooks 01:51 pm 13-Nov-2016
    What an embarrassment. A Harvard liberal misfit who failed to proactively register the names......and now is going to bully her way to hijack them.....
  • missy 01:59 pm 13-Nov-2016
    Wow - looks like a case of reverse domain name hijacking to me. Sheryl is late to the party and is going to pay her lawyers a lot of $ to steal the names. Disgraceful.
  • susan 02:06 pm 13-Nov-2016
    This is criminal. The rich feminist witch has a lot of nerve. I read that the names were made available to her, but she decided she'd rather go low and take them with no financial penalty. I guess Capitalism no longer in her vocabulary.

    I hope this blows up on her!
  • Tammy Goldstein 08:41 pm 15-Nov-2016
    I had to laugh when i saw this. Between Sandberg and all of her many resources at FB, over the past several years, they failed to register the names being disputed and their cowardly course of action is to now steal them. Another reason i'll never be a FB shareholder.

    To borrow a branding theme from president elect Trump, she should be referred to as ''crooked Sheryl''.

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