Case No Domain(s) Complainant Respondent Ruleset Status
CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and MinuteClinic, L.L.C Pham Dinh Nhut UDRP TRANSFERRED


  • CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and MinuteClinic, L.L.C v. Pham Dinh Nhut, FA1703001723633 (Forum April 30, 2017) (MINUTE CLINIC and )
    There is no statute of limitations for cybersquatting under the UDRP although where the second level domain is composed of dictionary words and common phrases waiting will generally favor respondent unless the website at any time is shown to have taken or presently takes advantage of complainant’s mark. The issue is illustrated in this case, wherein the Panel notes that “Complainant fails to explain why it waited some 13 years to bring this complaint; however, as this Panel lacks equitable powers and Complainant has otherwise established all three elements under the policy, the Panel finds that Respondent has engaged in bad faith use and registration of the disputed domain name.” (Emphasis added).

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