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Facebook, Inc. Domain Asset Holdings - TRANSFER


  • Jack 01:00 pm 24-Mar-2011
    How about
  • Yes 12:55 am 25-Mar-2011
  • Momo Hussain 01:18 am 25-Mar-2011
    You should remember to include
  • Sandi Joy 03:34 am 25-Mar-2011
  • jason 01:22 pm 26-Mar-2011
    and not to forget
  • PhoenixNewMedia (Nick Hentoff) 01:01 pm 06-Apr-2011
    I was hoping was a developed FB protest site Instead, it forwards to a domain sale website with the slogan "Your Brand. Your Business." Perhaps they should change that to "Your Brand. My Domain"
  • DV 07:14 am 18-Apr-2011
    interesting is facebook interested in the IDO domains. I own the domain in Cyrillic.
  • Johansen 06:42 am 26-Apr-2011
    Check this =>

    New Construction Windows
  • 00212600433431 08:06 am 06-Jul-2011
    Check this => fac├Ę
  • Rama Dasa 06:50 am 11-Apr-2013
    I wonder if this domain belongs to facebook inc? This domain is for sale now in sedo.

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