Case No Domain(s) Complainant Respondent Ruleset Status
Association Francaise contre les myopathies Marvell Maynor et al. URS SUSPENDED


  • UDRPtalk (UDRPtalk) 02:12 pm 08-Jan-2015
    Who has the right to monopolize the word "telethon" for its descriptive use?
  • berkens (TheDomains) 03:09 pm 12-Jan-2015
    Guess these people
  • smlevy42 08:05 am 23-Jan-2015
    Having grown up watching the Jerry Lewis telethon every year I'm quite surprised by this decision - especially given the rather high "clear and convincing evidence" standard of the URS. Unless most of the pay-per-click links on Respondent's website refer to the Complainant's mark, I feel there is an "issue of material fact" as to the distinctiveness and scope of its claimed trademark.

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