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Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Inc.Domains By Proxy, LLC / Harold Carter Jr, Purlin Pal LLC22-May-2019
Entered on 30-Jan-2020 07:53am I'm now wondering how the Dover Down decision impacts the well-known Oki Data test. If there are no rights or [...]
Anyclean Premium LimitedJethro Denahy28-Apr-2017
Entered on 08-May-2017 11:03am This case provides a stark reminder that the UDRP should not be underestimated by complainants or their [...]
Wendy Murdoch / Wendy Murdoch, LLCDebbie Romero / The effortless RiderUDRP13-Jan-2017
Entered on 13-Feb-2017 03:09pm Quite an interesting scenario which leads one to question whether this case was decided on what might be [...]
D2016-2085 FZ LLCRuiling Wang, Comcom Communications LLC12-Dec-2016
Entered on 21-Dec-2016 01:28pm You know it must be a case that's out of the ordinary when Tony Willoughby is appointed as Chair of a 3-member [...]
Intellect Design Arena LimitedMoniker Privacy Services / David Wieland,, LLC29-Aug-2016
Entered on 25-Oct-2016 01:58pm This case represents one of the most focussed and careful analysis of reverse domain name hijacking that I've [...]
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YETI Coolers, LLCRyley Lyon / Ditec Solutions LLCUDRP11-Jul-2016
Entered on 12-Jul-2016 12:10pm Quite a timely change in thinking from the Panelist who authored the original Oki Data opinion! Although the [...]
MCorelab Inc.Melissa Domain Name Services / Shanshan HuangUDRP18-Jan-2016
Entered on 26-Jan-2016 06:06am Quite a shame that the Complainant here didn't understand the UDRP (or hire experienced counsel) before [...]
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Entered on 04-Sep-2015 09:21am Does this holding create a blanket rule against the use of trademarks in domain names? If a respondent cannot [...]
MSI Holdings, LLCSeth WardUDRP10-May-2015
Entered on 22-May-2015 06:49am Clearly, this Panelist didn’t care for the pop music scene of the 1970’s. On the second element of the [...]
MySQL ABGiovanni Laporta / Yoyo.EmailUDRP26-Jan-2015
Entered on 17-Feb-2015 12:30pm Mr. Laporta still hasn't explained why he is going to such great lengths to hold on to his trademarked .email [...]
Association Francaise contre les myopathiesMarvell Maynor et al.URS12-Jan-2015
Entered on 23-Jan-2015 08:05am Having grown up watching the Jerry Lewis telethon every year I'm quite surprised by this decision - especially [...]
YourGemologist, LLCDomain Admin / Whois Privacy Corp.UDRP30-Dec-2014
Entered on 12-Jan-2015 07:44am I find it interesting that the Panelist in this case made no mention of the USPTO’s initial refusal of the [...]
U.S. Department of Health and Human Servicesnone noneUDRP16-Sep-2014
Entered on 19-Sep-2014 01:23pm This Panel notes that the question of fair use creates a legitimate legal dispute which should be decided by [...]
U.S. Department of Health and Human Servicesnone noneUDRP16-Sep-2014
Entered on 19-Sep-2014 08:59am In denying this claim the Panel notes that the question of fair use creates a legitimate legal dispute which [...]
DD IP Holder LLCManpreet BadhwarUDRP14-Jul-2014
Entered on 16-Jul-2014 06:23am If you can't make it, fake it. UDRP panelists are bound to only consider the evidence before them since [...]
Okruzhnost LLCSIX MEDIA LTD. WhoIs Privacy Protection Service, Inc.02-Jun-2014
Entered on 24-Jun-2014 06:41pm "Pay no attention to that trademark behind the curtain!" I find it odd that the Panel here [...]
Big 5 / Roy FangUDRP11-Oct-2013
Entered on 08-Nov-2013 11:55am While this decision satisfies the long-held desire of brand owners to use the UDRP to enforce their trademarks [...]