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Okruzhnost LLC SIX MEDIA LTD. WhoIs Privacy Protection Service, Inc. - COMPLAINT DENIED


  • smlevy42 06:41 pm 24-Jun-2014
    "Pay no attention to that trademark behind the curtain!"

    I find it odd that the Panel here accepted the Respondent’s argument that the term iFUNNY is merely generic for humorous web content without discussing the implications of the Respondent having applied for a trademark registration for IFUNNY in Hong Kong. By applying for the HK registration, the Respondent was claiming that the term iFUNNY is actually not generic but functions as a brand name for its humor services. One could argue whether the addition of the letter “i” really changes the generic nature of the word “funny” but I feel the Panel here owed it to the parties to at least address this inconsistency in the Respondent’s position.

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